Walling Solutions

Solid Wall

Solid Wall are cast in factory and delivered on site, ready for installation. Suitable for use as a façade, functional wall or an ideal solution for structural load bearing applications, Solid Wall offers limitless creativity combined with a magnitude of functional construction advantages.

Features and Benefits

Design Flexibility

  • A range of mechanical connections have been developed by our design and technical team to facilitate installation efficiency.
  • When used as structural panels, solid wall can eliminate the need for structural framing.
  • Provide excellent sound insulation properties.
  • Due to their mass, solid walls can reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling thereby reducing energy costs by creating a thermal barrier that reduces internal temperature fluctuations.

Limitless Creativity

  • PermaTech finishing solutions can be used to add colours, formed finishes, and graphics to the panels surface to capture attention and add creative flair.
  • Door and window openings can be incorporated into the precast solid wall panels and cast into the panel at the factory.


  • Load bearing structural panels
  • Non load bearing cladding panels
  • Shear walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Noise barriers
  • Cladding walls can be used to create a striking building façade, offering economy in the number of elements used, style in finish, and cost efficiency across the project.


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