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Panel Brick

The fastest way to build in brick.
The speed of precast panels meets the natural beauty of bricks.

Panel Brick is the ideal building solution for medium and high density residential projects, industrial and commercial building and contemporary infrastructure. This innovative product offers a high quality, long-lasting finish with low maintenance, and outstanding thermal performance.

Features and Benefits

Panel Brick is a revolutionary product that combines the simplicity and ease of precast concrete with the timeless beauty and style of brick. Elevating brick to new heights, Panel Brick allows brick to go where it has never gone before.

Here’s what makes Panel Brick so unique:

Build faster

Buildings are built faster with the rapid construction of prefabricated brick panels.

Build higher

Panel Brick allows brick construction to go higher with strong resistance to wind and earthquake forces.

Extensive colour range

Creativity and colour variety. A wide selection of clay bricks from the Austral Bricks range are available for use with Panel Brick.

Design flexibility

Panels are available in shapes and sizes to suit unique designs.

Outstanding performance

Strong and durable, Panel Brick offers outstanding thermal insulation, non-combustibility, fire, earthquake and weather resistance.

Less waste

Off-site manufacturing means no waste on-site.

Outstanding quality

High precision and consistent quality from a factory-made product.

Minimal risk

Minimises labour, loose materials and storage on-site.


Ability to integrate panels as load-bearing structural elements of the project.

Suitable for challenging sites

Allows for construction on boundaries with limited external access.

Cost saving

Eliminates need for expensive scaffolding creating a cleaner and safer worksite.

Cleaner worksite

No broken bricks or mortar mess on-site. Panel Brick removes the need for on-site brick cleaning.


Panel Brick is available in ‘Standard’ and ‘Custom’ options with specific colour ranges and sizes associated with each.

Standard Panel Brick

Fabrication Laid by robot
Colour Range Bowral 76
Panel Size (m) Maximum Length: 4.5
Maximum Height: 3.6
Form Flat
Thickness (mm) 110, 125, 150, 200
Double Wall Panels Maximum Length: 4.5m
Maximum Height: 3.4m
External Skin: 110mm
Internal Skin: 70mm
Minimum Cavity: 60mm

Custom Panel Brick

Fabrication Laid by hand
Colour Range San Selmo
La Paloma
Bowral 50
Bowral 76
Panel Size (m) Maximum Length: 12
Maximum Height: 3.6
Form Custom
Thickness (mm) Minimum: 110
Double Wall Panels Maximum Length: 12m
Maximum Height: 3.6m
Maximum Panel Size: 26m²
External Skin: 110mm
Internal Skin: 70mm
Minimum Cavity: 60mm

Maximum Standard Panel Brick*

Maximum Standard Panel Brick*

Panel Types

Panel Brick can be used as cladding, for facades, and as structural, load-bearing panels.

Cladding Panels

Panel Brick cladding panels are designed as a non load-bearing brick external walling system.

Cladding panels utilise a purely mechanical bracket fixing system engineered specifically for Panel Brick. Panels are typically 110mm or 125mm thick and are ideal for buildings where
external access is limited.

Facade Panels

Panel Brick facade panels are designed as a load-bearing brick external wall system.

Panels are typically 150mm to 250mm thick depending on service load requirements. Panel Brick facades panels can be created with openings such as windows and doors. These panels do not contribute to the structural frame of the building

Structural Panels

Panel Brick structural panels are ideal for integrating external column sections into the building with no interruption to the external brick facade.

Structural panels utilise traditional precast connection methods of grout tubes, starter bars, slab rebates and key boxes for connecting to the building structure. Panels are typically 250mm thick or greater.


  • Medium Density Multi-Residential Buildings
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Industrial Building Units and Warehouses
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Design Considerations

1. Design to brick sizes

Careful consideration must be made when designing in Panel Brick to integrate brick sizes and mortar joints into the details of each building.

Wall lengths, window and other panel void sizes, wall heights and panel joints must be designed to suit the brick size and mortar joints. Cost, manufacturing, installation time and aesthetic can all be greatly affected by the integration of brick unit sizing into the building design. Please work with the Austral Precast team who can assist to ensure the panel sizes, design and manufacturing efficiencies are optimised.

2. Design for precast panels

Designing in precast requires special care around panel sizes and shapes to maximise efficiencies in cost, manufacturing and construction.

Smaller panels increase manufacturing and installation cost relative to area. Avoid unnecessarily small panel sections where possible. Slender sections of panel around voids are difficult and expensive to reinforce. Panel voids should be located close to the centre of the panel where possible.

The panel support mechanism needs to be considered in the initial design as it may rely on a cantilevered or footing slab for support.

3. Consider installation

Installation of Panel Brick requires a crane and access to the panels. Panels should be designed to accommodate the lifting capacity of the crane at the radius required.

Panels higher than 3.5m will need to be spun 90 degrees to be unloaded and installed. This process requires a second crane and additional installation time. Spinning panels also introduces additional risk of damaging the product during install.

4. Construction sequencing

Panel Brick can play a key role in optimising the construction sequence of a building. Panel Brick can be installed as the building slabs are being poured, allowing for slabs to be cast directly into panel connections. This allows Panel Brick to be integrated into the structural frame of the building, while also providing immediate weather protection.

Panels can also be installed directly onto suspended slabs with shelf angles or brackets for support. These panels can be sequenced around crane availability and rely on purely mechanical connections for support.



La Paloma

San Selmo Smoked

San Selmo Reclaimed

Burlesque Glazed

Bowral 50 and 76 Dry Pressed




Austral Precast Panel Brick

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