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Panel Brick

The fastest way to build in brick.
The speed of precast panels meets the natural beauty of bricks.

Panel Brick combines the low maintenance, strength and visual charm of genuine bricks with precast construction technology to produce intelligent prefabricated brick panels. Panel Brick is manufactured off-site under controlled conditions, ensuring minimum wastage and maximum quality. Installation methodology aligns with proven traditional precast panel construction.

Panel Brick has been fully tested for compressive strength, lateral and racking loads, flexural strength, and fire resistance.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid construction with prefabricated brick walls
  • No wet trades required so no waste on site
  • Improved build quality with impressive impact, cyclone, fire and flood resistance
  • Build higher and safer with Panel Brick.
  • Creativity and colour variety of real clay bricks
  • Brick facings used feature a ‘dove tail’ backing which ensures strong interlock with the precast panel.
  • Panels can be made in lengths up 12m and at heights up to 3.6m with 110mm, 125mm and 150mm thicknesses.


  • Cladding walls can be used to create a striking building façade, offering economy in the number of elements used, style in finish, and cost efficiency across the project.
  • Load bearing structural panels
  • Non load bearing cladding panels
  • Shear walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Noise barriers



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