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Double Wall

Precast elements facilitating monolithic construction. Austral Precast Double Wall consists of a pair of precast reinforced concrete shells connected by a lattice girder (trusses) fabricated from reinforcement bar, forming a cavity.

Characterised by its reduced weight, Double Wall enables greater savings in installation costs and time while adding monolithic design advantages to the many other construction advantages the Austral Precast whole of structure offer brings. With the many installation advantages, shorter superstructure construction time and monolithic design advantages, Double Wall is a convincing argument.

Features and Benefits

  • Achieves incredible on site time and cost savings because the entire structure, walls, floors and shafts are cast simultaneously.
  • Is an excellent solution for any load bearing wall including: basements, shafts, core walls, and other functional walls.
  • Double Wall is custom designed, the overall wall thickness can vary between 200mm to 400mm depending on the structure and applied loads.
  • Double Wall will form a solid concrete structure after the cavity is filled with premixed concrete.
  • Installation efficiency is achieved due to relatively large and light weight panels, the enhanced jointing method, removing the need for caulking, welding and formwork.
  • Both surfaces of the Double Wall panel achieve an off form finish.
  • Crane load capacity can be reduced due to the reduced weight of the hollow wall.
  • Joins to create a monolithic structure eliminating joints and wet joints. Ideal for cores, shear walls and basements.

An Efficient Permanent Structural Framework:

  • Hybrid solution replacing conventional cast in situ operation.
  • Due to the water tightness of the Double Wall panel, the need to waterproof the back side of the wall minimises the amount of excavation required especially when employed as a retaining wall. This offers cost and time savings, increasing project efficiency when compared to conventional retaining walls or soil reinforced walls.
  • Construction activites are mainly performed within and inside the boundary.
  • Double Wall panels act as a permanent casting frame, replacing the need for onsite casting moulds which require access from both sides of the wall.

Suitable for Construction where Watertightness is Essential:

  • Withstand water hydraulic pressure up to 0.2MPa (20m water head).
  • Water tightness is maintained by the property of the Double Wall and installation techniques. (See Double Wall Technical Guide for reference)
  • Meets relevant Australian Standard AS 3735 – 2001 Concrete structures for retaining liquids.

Economic and fast to install

  • A monolithic structure, eliminating structural framework and the need for mechanical panel to panel connections.- Construction efficiency results from increased speed of construction and less on site material to handle.


Double Wall has many applications Including:

  • Facade and Cladding
  • Load bearing and shear wall structural elements.
  • Stair shafts
  • Functional partitions providing privacy between building spaces and the outside environment.
  • Retaining walls for basement and soil retaining.
  • Noise barriers
  • Fire and blast control and barrier.
  • Concrete liquid retaining structure.

Double Wall Solutions combined with Austral Deck offer a unique Construction Solution to build:

  • Multi level residential and commercial complexes.
  • Education Institutes: Schools, Universities and Libraries
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Accommodation Facilities: Hotels, Health, Aged Care Correctional Facilities.
  • Health Care Institutions
  • Recreation Centres: Cinemas, Theatres, Community, Centres and Clubs.
  • Transport Sector: Railway Stations, Airports.



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