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Retaining Wall Panels
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Manufactured in the carousel plant at Wetherill Park, Austral Precast produce coloured panels in three sizes:

  • 1.0m x 2m x 75mm
  • 0.6m x 2m x 75mm
  • 0.2m x 2m x 75mm

The Sleeper Panels have lifting inserts that allow them to be installed by excavator or crane. The largest panel can still be lifted by a 2.7t excavator to over 3m. The smallest panels can be installed with a 2 man lift.

The system works similar to normal sleepers where a galvanised Universal beam is cast into concrete and the panel is placed in the channel.

The sleeper panel will allow for any combination of panel sizes together to produce a retaining wall 0.2-4.0m in height and will suffice all engineering standards required (AS4678).

Features and Benefits

Durable and Long Lasting

The robust nature of concrete wall panels makes these units resistant to damage from constant out-loading and easy to clean out between batches. Concrete walls formed using horizontal & vertical concrete panels give a 90º wall to floor joint. This eliminates potential damage points between the loading shovel and the precast wall unit commonly associated with traditional “L” and “T” section wall panels. Durability reduces the risk of contamination of the stored material from wall fragments.

Rapid Installation

Precast panels are delivered to site made to measure. Manufactured in controlled environment factory conditions from engineering grade concrete, the panels are quickly erected. The developer can achieve significant programme benefits by the use of precast concrete walls and should lead to rapid completion of the project bringing the store into service at an earlier date.

Smooth Internal Finish

Precast concrete retaining wall panels and sound barriers feature a find grade finish that is easy to clean and eliminates worries about damp ingress and pest infestation within the wall which can effect some competing products.

Easy to move and can be relocated

The modular precast horizontal panels can be dismantled & relocated to meet alterations to sub divisions and to facilitate extension to the structure. This modular nature also enables individual wall panels to be replaced in the unlikely event of excessive damage.


Height (mm) 200
Length (mm) 2000
Width (mm) 75
Volume (L) 30
Weight (kg) 70.5

Height (mm) 600
Length (mm) 2000
Width (mm) 75
Volume (L) 90
Weight (kg) 211.5

Height (mm) 1000
Length (mm) 2000
Width (mm) 75
Volume (L) 150
Weight (kg) 352.5

*The above are standard sizes. Austral Precast can produce panels in a range of other sizes to suit your project. Simply enter your desired dimensions in the Enquiry form under Contact Us and we will provide you with an obligation free quote.


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