Precast Balcony and Balustrade Solutions

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Balcony and Balustrade

A key architectural feature on many apartment and high-rise buildings, well designed and carefully detailed balconies add to the character of the building.

Like the rest of the structural precast range, balconies are designed to our clients’ requirements. Our extensive experience ensures an excellent finish with careful detailing. Balconies can be designed, detailed and manufactured as plate floor elements, or solid precast elements.

Precast Balcony and Balustrade Solutions

Features and Benefits

Design Innovation And

  • Precast balconies are designed and manufactured to any custom shape and design.
  • Precast Balconies are designed with a sloped top surface, step down and a drip edge on the underside for proper drainage and water run-off step.
  • Floor drains can be incorporated. Precast balconies can be either supplied as pre-finished structure or as structural platform supplied as Austral Deck.
  • Balconies can be made with a standard (non-slip) light broom finish.
  • Can be manufactured to any custom shape and configuration, including radiuses and upstands.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Balconies can be erected with floor units prior to pouring saving installation time
  • No need for formwork plus propping can be eliminated.
  • Speed of erection of precast balconies ensures project programme is maintained.


  • Installing precast balconies at the same time as the floor gives a complete and safe working platform.
  • Safety rails, balustrade and upstands can be pre installed prior to installation.


Precast concrete balconies are an ideal and economic solution for projects

  • Commercial offices including high rise
  • Hotels
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Education
  • Correctional facilities
  • Health and aged care
  • Housing
  • Clubs, libraries, churches, and community centres


Precast Balcony and Balustrade Solutions


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