PermaTech Finishing Solutions


PermaGraf – Concrete Goes Graphic

If you can photograph it, PermaGraf can put it in concrete.

PermaGraf uses a patented Finnish technology to instil photo realistic images into the top layer of the panels surface,colour impressions are created using 256 shades of grey.

Bring your project to life incorporating anything from a human face, dramatic landscape, creative pattern, to shapes or lettering.
Enabling true creativity, PermaGraf’s exibility raises the bar in architectural design creating unimaginably exciting facades with the unmatched durability of structural concrete construction.

Features and Benefits

  • Designs created are virtually unlimited. Photo realistic images, geometric patterns, and any customised designs can be created using PermaGraf.
  • Superior longevity and durability, will never fade.
  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Photo realistic images.
  • Can be scaled, oriented, and its shade can be controlled re ecting the architectural impression.


  • PermaTech allows the creation of façade panels which can be used to create a striking building façade, offering economy in the number of elements used, style in finish, and cost efficiency across the project.
  • PermaTech can be applied to either solid walls or double walls.
  • Various PermaTech finishing solutions can be combined to create truly distinctive designs.
  • Ideal solution for: Balustrades, Noise Barriers, Retaining Walls


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