Whole of Structure



Take the benefits of precast concrete to a whole new level with Whole of Structure using Double Wall and Austral Deck. From walls, to floors, to stairs and framework, there is a precast alternative for the majority of your construction needs.

Discover the benefits of the Precast whole of structure building solution. Whole of structure Precast is a building system focused on increased construction speed, build quality, on site waste and administrative savings.

Comprehensive Range

Solutions to Suit any Project.

Austral Precast is proud to offer a comprehensive range of Precast solutions for the construction of walls, floors, stairs, balconies, and structural elements. We service a range of markets and focus on multi-residential, commercial, industrial, community and civil sectors.

As an architect, our range offers you limitless creativity with results that will wow both your clients and peers alike. We believe the style choices you make when building a new project should stand the test of time. With our PermaTech finishing solutions and the durability of Precast concrete this is now possible.

For developers, Precast concrete offers high quality, low risk builds that come in on budget and time.

For engineers, Austral Precast’s solutions are comprehensive, easy to design with and offering amazing efficiencies, a strong, safe, low risk and proven solution. Precast is fast becoming the building material of choice.

Solutions from one Source

Your One Stop Shop for Precast Solutions.

Austral Precast’ clear focus on delivering whole of structure solutions is compelled by our comprehensive offering of Precast walls, floors, stairs, balconies and balustrades as well as structural columns and beams.

We believe in adding value to our customers utilising a collaborative approach through early engagement in the design process. Our expertise allows us to address design and construction challenges before construction commences along with providing cost saving opportunities through efficient Precast design.

Offering concept design support, state of the art 3D design detailing software, manufacture, storage and installation, Austral Precast is your one stop shop for whole of structure Precast supply.

Cost Savings

Reduce Costs with Whole of Structure.

Precast concrete is a high performance construction material providing significant benefits in terms of quality, design, safety, construction efficiency, and project costs. It moves work offsite, greatly deceases waste, speeds up erection and reduced vulnerability to weather, all while providing significantly reduced site supervision, equipment hire and wage cost. A whole of structure project can provide up to a 35% reduction in construction time.

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